Business Minded

Laid back one-on-one conversations about business

Have you ever wished you had a like minded friend to grab coffee with and chat about business stuff? 

Do you feel a little alone on your entrepreneur journey? Do you use your friends and family as your sounding board but are starting to wonder if they’re tired of hearing about it?

Been there. Done that.

If you’re anything like I was, you have a million ideas and a bootstrapped business you're ready to take to the next level. You’d really like some support but don’t feel quite ready for a coach or high strategy group program. However, you want someone in your life who has a deeper understanding of the online business world. 

Someone who can offer a casual conversation with clarifying big “ah-ha” moments. 

You want a coffee drinking, deep thinking, process out loud with, been there - tried that, low key cheerleading, business minded gal-pal.

I used to think I wanted to be a business coach and I even gave it a shot for a while, but it never felt quite right. 

The burden of showing up with a high level strategy for my clients and expecting them to follow through within a certain time frame was stressful on all parties involved. 

Don’t get me wrong, high level strategy can change everything, but there are some incredible business coaches already filling that space.

A space that just isn’t my pace (enneagram 5 here 🙋🏻‍♀️).

Instead, I want to offer deep conversations that are laid back but give light bulb moments that are just as impactful (did I mention I’m an enneagram 5?)

I had several business minded friends that I would meet with regularly.

We’d jump on zoom, sip coffee, and chat about our lives and businesses. 

I loved these calls and they had so much impact on a lot of the decisions we all made in our businesses. They made my business better and my friends’ businesses better.

Now, I want to offer the same type of call to you.

In fact, this was something that had naturally happened in my life starting in 2019.

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Finding a business minded friend shouldn’t be hard, scary, or intimidating. It should be as fun, laidback, and life-giving as catching up over a cup of coffee (or three) and singing throwback Disney songs. So...

🎶 Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah 🎶
Why don't you and I combine
Let's get together, what do you say
We can have a swingin' time
We'd be a crazy team
Why don't we make a scene?
Together, oh oh oh oh

We’ll be like Haley Mills and… Haley Mills. Except it’s not our parents we’re trying to get together; it’s our business dreams (and if you haven’t seen the original Parent Trap, then our first coffee chat will be a popcorn and movie night). 

But Seriously...

Building the business of your dreams shouldn’t require you to hire coaches that scare you, group programs that leave you feeling intimidated, or memberships you don’t use. 

Your business (like your life) can be built with the gentle support from like-minded people who bring fun, laughter, and the occasional dose of reality check.


Bi-weekly casual 60 minute one-on-one conversations over Zoom to chat about business (and life).

Let’s get together (yeah, yeah, yeah). Think of all that we could share....

About life, business, and that one weird hilarious moment that happened this past week that you just really want to tell someone about but no one else gets it… because all of that is tied together. It’s what makes up your life.

You can choose between bi-weekly business minded coffee chats for a 3 or 6 month container to support you in bringing your business ideas to life. Voxer access + any resources we chat about that I have and can share with you (because what are friends for).

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Business Minded

The type of things we could chat about...

✔️ Need someone to review your copy? Reading is my favorite!

✔️  Have a bunch of ideas and can’t decide which to start first? I have a formula for that. (No, but really, I do 🤓)

✔️  Want someone to listen while you talk out your ideas? I’ve got two good ears.

✔️  Struggling to put together a product that feels right? *Enter my spreadsheet magic kingdom*

✔️  Hitting a next level upper limit that is keeping you stuck?... Let’s talk that out, because THAT is what friends are really for.

✔️  Feeling down as life intervenes with your business plans? That's normal, my friend. Let's chat about it.

About My Business Journey

If you had told me I’d jump from that into the online entrepreneur world when I was still in business school, I would have laughed. Yet, here we are (but honestly I wouldn’t change a thing). 

The journey from business school graduate to online entrepreneur involved a LOT of hands on learning, website building, and email marketing trial & errors.

It started when I agreed to acquire an existing online drop shipping business with a family member. It was in a field that I didn’t know much about but I’m a quick learner so I thought it’d be fine.

I scaled revenue by about 500% in a year but profit margins were low and competition was big, so we struggled to stay afloat.

After two years, we made the decision to let go of that company but the opportunity had opened up a whole new world to me.

From there I started a blog… and then another… I pivoted, adjusted, and leveled up… I took my lessons learned and turned them into a business I feel good about.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot and shared a lot.

The truth is, I didn’t hit “six figures in six months” but I have built a brand that feels in alignment with the life I want, at a pace that’s comfortable. Now, I’m here to share all the “know - how” with you so that you can bring your business ideas to life with the support you want. 

In 2015, I graduated from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business with a double major in International Business & Supply Chain Management. (Yeah, that’s a mouthful. I know 😅)

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Got Questions?

My kinda gal! I got answers.

What does personal growth have to do with business?

Everything! No, but seriously. Our businesses will never grow beyond us. Our mindsets, systems, upper limits, and daily life affects every aspect of our business life. The more we grow, the more our business will too.

What if we don’t click as business minded gal pals?

No biggie. The truth is, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. We all have people we naturally click with instantly.. And then there are people we wouldn’t choose to hang out with for no reason other than we don’t click. We’ll have a kickoff call to ensure it’s the right fit for all parties involved. If it is, we’ll be singing Disney duets together in no time. If it’s not, we’ll wish each other best of luck and keep moving forward.

Is there a time commitment?

Only the amount of time it takes to show up for our calls. 

What is the financial commitment?

I have two spots left at $397 a month. (After those spots are filled the price is jumping to $497 a month.) That includes our 60-minute bi-weekly calls, voxer access, plus any resources we chat about that I can easily share with you (cause what else are friends for?)

How many people will be on these calls?

As long as you show up, there will be two people. You and me. These are one-on-one conversations intentionally designed so that you really do feel like you’re meeting up with a friend to chat about business (and life) stuff.

Is this a coaching program then?

No, it's not coaching in the traditional sense. I’m here to have the casual conversations that are helpful in this online entrepreneur world but that we don’t usually get unless our friends are in this world too. That’s not to say you won’t walk away with transformation after every call, because you still will. These conversations are designed to avoid the pressure hiring a coach or joining a group program can bring. We all know the expectation to show up prepared can feel stressful, intimidating, or discouraging. Here we show up as we are where we are with what we have. 

Don't Go It Alone Anymore

Get the laid back support you've been wanting in your entrepreneur journey and bring your business ideas to life in a way that feels right for you & your life!

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