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I'm Allison Sue.

An accidental farm girl, proud navy veteran wife, book lover, and warm beverage drinker all year round. By day I record beautiful conversations about what it looks like to show up and answer your calling in life. By night I herd farm animals in muck boots and a messy bun. Oh, and I also study east asian medicine alongside my hubby as we work towards our doctorates in acupuncture and herbology!

This wasn’t always the plan (especially the 12 pet sheep) or should I say it wasn’t always MY plan. BUT I believe we’re all called to something and when we choose to lean into it, every step leads to a place beyond imagination and into purpose.

Did I mention that the state also had giant flying roaches that had this northern girl freaked out? (Let’s just say a perfectly good iron was thrown away.) My daily life looked so different than I had expected that I wasn’t prepared for it and navigating the day to day felt hard. I felt stuck and very off the path I wanted to be on.

I didn’t always think this way. For a while, I tried to force my plans into place but not everything went according to plan and one thing led to another…

Admittedly, there was sulking at first, but then, I decided to make some changes in the way I showed up, in my health, and in my mindset. These things helped get me from where I was to the path I’m on currently. Now, I can’t wait to share those things with you…

It all started when expectations in life didn’t meet reality. Can you relate? At the time, I thought I was about to step into big new things, but instead, it turned out to be the biggest season of growth. Although, I suppose one could argue that those two things go hand in hand.

I was 23, just married, a fresh college graduate, and newly living in a state far away from family and friends. Josh was gone constantly for his military duties so I was often alone and we traveled so much that I opted not to get the corporate job I had just finished a degree for.

Places you might have seen me:

One time my mom grounded me from reading... it was the a terrible afternoon for my 10 year old self. Needless to say, I love books of all kinds.

Reading Books

Sipping Warm Beverages

I'm a multiple beverages kind of person. Hot coffee sounds good all year round and there's nothing like a cup of herbal tea to go with a good book at bedtime! What can I say? A gal has to stay hydrated.

Herding all the Animals

Sheep, chickens, kittens... we love them all around here and probably spend way too much time standing around watching them do things like eat and breathe. It's better than any tv show though so I think we'll keep it up.

Arts & Crafts

Painting, coloring, crocheting, sewing, puzzles, etc. I love all the things that allow you to sit and be creative.

Spending Time With Family

I feel like this one is a little obvious but was worth mentioning.

Studying for my Doctorate

This could look like sitting at my computer listening to a lecture replay or moseying through a field looking for herbs.

Most days you can Find Me...

Embrace Your calling.

Lean Into your purpose.

Live boldy.


I joined my first mastermind with women who were focused on becoming their best selves. We moved back to Florida. 


We moved to Maryland. Josh resigned his commission (aka got out of the military).  I launched my first online program.

We spent Jan - July living in hotels. I founded Compass My Life. After ten months in hotels, we moved to Alabama.

That was a
       long drive


Josh got new military orders. We packed up our house and spent the last four months of the year living in hotels. I decided to start a travel blog.


We bought our first home. Josh was deployed a lot which meant I spent a lot of time alone. I used that time to discover who I was and learned to become more confident in myself.


A big year for us! I graduated, Josh commissioned into the Navy, we got married, and moved to Florida for our first duty station. It was a lot to navigate and while it was amazing, it also resulted in the greatest opportunity for personal growth.


This year was spent head down, doing the work to finish my degree and plan my wedding.


I took the biggest step out of my comfort zone and moved to China to study abroad for a semester. It gave me a confidence boost and helped me see that I could do bigger things.


Hello beaches

Intentional living became our focus. We "accidentally" found and bought our dream property - a little hobby farm. Sheep were adopted, chickens were cuddled, a garden was planted, and the 50 year old farm house began renovations. 

We believe that consistency is key so we kept on keeping on with renovations on the house and schooling for our doctorates. Compass My Life became Allison Sue Elliott as a brand.


Because the life I live today has everything to do with the decisions I've made in the past.

The journey that led me here

Unicorn Fire Blast went viral on socials with combined views of 21 mil+  across multiple platforms. She landed features in big news sites and we launched a merch shop for her.  During Spring. lots of cuddly little lambs were born. Josh and I both enrolled to get our Doctorates in Acupuncture because we believe wellness is a key factor in living your best life and that starts from within.



I believe happiness and purpose can co-exist, internal peace is a must, and we all have a calling that lives within us.

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An accidental farm girl, proud veteran navy wife, travel lover, and a warm beverage drinker all year round. Most of my days are spent creating strategic plans to make wildest dreams a reality. 

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I'm Allison Sue

Oh Hey!

As I was creating this site, I asked myself what I would want you to know if you had scrolled this far and it came down to this: your dream life is possible. Yes, it'll take time, and work, and a whole lot of pivots, but I promise you it'll be so worth it in the end. Your dream life is YOURS for a reason. The world needs you to bring it to life. Whether that's because it'll impact many or just simply means there will be another happy person in this world - happiness is contagious... and that's something worth spreading 🥰

All my love and hope for you,

Allison Sue

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