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For years, I would get to the end of December and choose to move into the New Year with a mental picture of what I wanted my life to look like. All while trying to ignore the fact that I never managed to make this year look the way I had hoped it would turn […]

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How I Create a New Year Plan

A few years ago, I had a “lost in life” moment that encouraged me to make some changes. Those changes set me on a personal growth journey that has led me to where I am today. Through diligence, time, and a willingness to try new things I went from completely lost in life to living out my biggest dreams.

Now, I’m here to share lessons learned so that you too can design a lifestyle you feel good about, navigate through the hard seasons, and step into next level living.

I'm Allison Sue,
Life Navigator & Founder.

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An accidental farm girl, proud veteran navy wife, travel lover, and a warm beverage drinker all year round. Most of my days are spent creating strategic plans to make wildest dreams a reality. 

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I'm Allison Sue

Oh Hey!

As I was creating this site, I asked myself what I would want you to know if you had scrolled this far and it came down to this: your dream life is possible. Yes, it'll take time, and work, and a whole lot of pivots, but I promise you it'll be so worth it in the end. Your dream life is YOURS for a reason. The world needs you to bring it to life. Whether that's because it'll impact many or just simply means there will be another happy person in this world - happiness is contagious... and that's something worth spreading 🥰

All my love and hope for you,

Allison Sue

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