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I think for many of us as children, we were rather idealistic when it came to our expectations for adulthood. We had so many ideas of what we wanted in life. We may have even begun to curate “life goals” for when we got to be adults, despite having no clue how we were actually […]

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What I Wish Someone Told Me About Life Goals When I Was Younger

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An accidental farm girl, proud navy veteran wife, book lover, and warm beverage drinker all year round. By day I record beautiful conversations about what it looks like to show up and answer your calling in life. By night I herd farm animals in muck boots and a messy bun. Oh, and I also study east asian medicine alongside my hubby as we work towards our doctorates in acupuncture and herbology!

Here, I want to challenge you to take a step into a higher level of living. A level that requires you to live from within your heart, soul, and mind. A level that sets you onto the path you were brought into this world to be on.

I'm Allison Sue

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An accidental farm girl, proud veteran navy wife, travel lover, and a warm beverage drinker all year round. Most of my days are spent creating strategic plans to make wildest dreams a reality. 

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I'm Allison Sue

Oh Hey!

As I was creating this site, I asked myself what I would want you to know if you had scrolled this far and it came down to this: your dream life is possible. Yes, it'll take time, and work, and a whole lot of pivots, but I promise you it'll be so worth it in the end. Your dream life is YOURS for a reason. The world needs you to bring it to life. Whether that's because it'll impact many or just simply means there will be another happy person in this world - happiness is contagious... and that's something worth spreading 🥰

All my love and hope for you,

Allison Sue

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